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This is our NEWEST seminar that combines the best of a number of our health and wellness seminars. Its major focus is 10 plus 1 essential guides to a healed, happy and productive life. 

The 10 plus 1 Essential guides

 The 10 plus 1 essential guides to a healed, happy and productive life is a marvelous approach to wellness for the 21st century. We love the concept of wellness as it combines all the best of health with the concept of excellence, integrity optimism and peace. Plus you can be living well with serious illness and limitations. In short, wellness is an active awareness process of making positive choices that optimizes a healthy, joyful and successful life. It all happens by choosing well.

w e l l c h o i c e s

W - Wellness - an active awareness process of choices for a healthy joyful life.

E - Excellence - @home @work @play

L - Loving Relationships - with tolerance and kindness

L - Less - reducing distractions and stress

C - Choice - choosing the best; focusing on priorities  

H - Healing - optimizing physical and emotional health 

O - Optimism - choosing to be positive and thankful

I - Integrity - seeking truth; living with authenticity

C - Control - taking charge with positive choices

E - Energy - maximizing stamina and endurance 

S - Spirituality - finding meaning in life

Wellchoices - A lifestyle training program

A high-impact, focused and inspiring lifestyle training program that

  • Facilitates healing physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Focuses on key principles of health and wellness
  • Maximizes joy and peace in today’s  fast-paced, dangerous world
  • Inspires excellence

This health program explores the key principles of positive living that optimizes health while preventing disease. This training focuses on the whole person

Physically  ●  Mentally  ●  Emotionally  ●  Spiritually

This training available beginning 2019

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