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Stress Management and burnout recovery seminars

Cooling Down Stress is our flagship training seminar that has been conducted across Canada, the USA and Australia. Business leaders and staff, teachers, health care providers are among the many professional and employee groups who have already benefited.

 Life is moving faster and faster and it is not a figment of your imagination! The speed of life is increasing, it seems almost daily, and there are real reasons why. The truth is that life today is not going to slowdown. The increasing stress and anxiety must be managed effectively if we are to be productive and enjoy a high quality of life while avoiding depression and anxiety.

The good news is that you can slow down! This unique and fun training offers very practical and helpful tools that really work and has to date helped thousands.

Participants master stress resilience secrets that everyone needs to know. They will

  1. Objectively assess stress levels and be more aware of how stress is affecting them both positively and negatively
  2. Discover practical ways to manage life better while increasing their stress reserves and durability
  3. Recognize and resolve deep-seated stress
  4. Learn how to avoid burnout and where necessary how to recover
  5. Develop practical and doable strategies to maximize stress toughness to ensure stamina and energy needed for life in our 24/7 world
  6. Leave with immediate doables that will improve productivity while increasing the joy and peace of life

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The trainer is a stress management and burnout coach

Cameron Johnston is a stress management and burnout coach, author and international speaker. He has both a Master of Science degree in public health and a Masters of Divinity. His high-impact training guarantees that each session will be fun, entertaining and informative.

Cameron explains, "my primary qualification to teach and coach about stress management and burnout is that I am a burnout survivor." He experienced a serious work-related burnout after only fifteen years in the workplace. His recovery took over three years to get to full recovery. From personal experience he shares the reality of how excessive stress can develop into burnout and how to fully recover.

Cameron's Excessive Stress and Burnout Observations

  1. Those at highest risk are caring, hard working individuals in the people professions like teachers, nurses, social workers, etc. 
  2. 30 years ago burnout tended to occur in the mid-thirty’s, today it is happening in late teens or early twenty’s.
  3. Anyone who has experienced burnout seldom, if ever, repeats the disaster. If someone seems to fall back into burnout it is because they had never fully healed. 

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Program Planners and Participants Are Saying . . .

10s of 1000s have already benefited

     “Our group of over 100 rated this presentation as the highlight of our annual conference. Cameron’s presentation was professional, easy to follow with just the right amount of humor.”  J. Tighe, President, News Group, BC, Canada

     "A few years ago, I was in burnout when I attended one of Cameron's stress seminars and he literally changed and saved my life. I now enjoy life and can laugh again."   Debbie S., Moose Jaw, SK

      "Cameron’s books and training using the soup concept is outstanding. Congratulations to a wonderful concept well executed."  Dr. Hans A. Diehl, Bestselling Author and Director of the Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Loma Linda, CA, USA

      “You clarified a stress management plan for me that will work, thanks.” A. Mckay, Australia       More endorsements

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Live in-person or online seminars and keynotes available to all organizations, businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. contact us today at

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Frequently asked questions

Does Cameron travel to more remote areas and to different countries to do presentations?  Yes, he has conducted training in both the Yukon and NWT and in every province of Canada as well as across the USA and Australia. Many times, when traveling he has arranged several presentations in or near a location with a number of organizations who then can share travel costs and thus make the training more cost effective for everyone.

Can training and coaching be done by conference call, online or personal call?

Yes, check with us on dates, needs and options that best serve your needs.

Is this valuable material available in books and on video?  Yes, check our store

Would Cameron consider speaking at our small group of 50 or less?  Yes, check with us for possibilities. He has spoken to groups as small as ten and to groups of thousands.


Cooling Down Stress has been presented and adapted for many community and professional groups, including teachers, health care providers, business leaders, college/university students, teens among many others.

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