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1. Stress Management E-Book: Don't Eat The Soup as Hot As They Cook it!

2. Teen Stress Management E-Book:  Cooling Down Teen Stress

3.  Teachers Teen Stress Classroom Kit

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Book on Stress Management & Burnout Recovery

A unique and fun 140-page stress management book written in story format. It is the story of Bob Picco whose personal life is spinning out of control. Discover 8 stress hardiness secrets that everyone needs to know including several stress assessment tools to help you understand how stress is affecting you. 

Master the ABC’S of stress survival in our 24/7 world. Recognize deep-seated stressors and how to resolve them. What if... you already ate the stress soup too hot! Discover the 7 stages to burnout and how to recover and heal. 

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Book on Cooling Down Teen Stress

Cooling Down Teen Stress addresses the fact that all teens are stressed today because life is moving faster and faster.  Here is a 130-page unique and fun teen stress management book, written by a teen for teens. Highlights include that it is written in an interesting teen story format with practical and effective teen stress strategies and assessment tools. 

The book tells the story of energetic and likeable, Derisa Moore, a high school student in grade/year 12 who experiences the near suicide of one friend and the untimely death of another all the while juggling the usual teen stressors of parental hassles, dating, grades and work.

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1 - Teachers Classroom Guide - 19 pages with study guides for each chapter in the book and ideas on how to effectively use the material for 2, 5 or 10 study sessions.

5 - Printed Copies of the Book - with the option to purchase additional copies for only $5. per book (limited time offer at this price as the regular price is $18.95 per book). We highly recommend enough copies so each student has ready access and is encouraged to read the book along with the discussions.

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