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Don't Eat The Soup As Hot As They Cook It!

A Unique and Fun Stress Management Book Written in Story Format

 The story of Bob Picco whose personal life is spinning out of control. He is a heart attack looking for a place to happen. Little does Bob realize that he is on the edge of serious burnout. When his young sales manager drops dead, fear motivates an exciting wellness journey where Bob and his wife Sue master the basics of living life in the fast lane. 

8 Stress Resilience Secrets That Everyone Needs To Know

This book presents several stress assessment tools to help you understand your stress levels and how stress is affecting you. Plus  eight powerful, high-impact and practical ways to cool down the stress soup presented in the context of an interesting and fun story. 

15 Ways You Will Immediately benefit From This Book . . .

1.  Identify your major stress pressure points

2. Utilize 2 simple, powerful stress tools to assess current stress and coping levels
3. Identify over 50 stress warning signals
4. Recognize and neutralize 4 major modern stressors
5. Understand the stress response and how relaxation offsets it
6. Discover 8 high-impact and very practical ways to cool off the stress soup
7. Master the ABC’S of stress survival in our 24/7 world
8. Avoid 2 major poisons in the stress soup
9. Uncover 7 deep-seated stressors and learn how to resolve them
10. Clarify the difference between excessive stress and burnout
11. Identify the 7 stages of burnout
12. Sharpen spiritual realities that neutralize stress
13. Learn how to eat the stress soup slowly and enjoy it!
14. Enjoy several good belly laughs with over 25 humorous stress busters
15. Discover over 150 practical ways to immediately manage your stress better

What if. . . You Already Ate The Soup Too Hot!

1. Explore the 7 stages to burnout
2. Identify the warning signs of burnout
3. Focus on how to avoid or recover from burnout 

Readers Around The World Are Saying . . .

"Cameron’s books and the stress soup concept is outstanding. The content and design is marvelous.  Congratulations to a wonderful concept well executed."     

Dr. Hans A. Diehl, Bestselling Author and Director of the Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Loma Linda, CA, USA
            “Very user friendly and easy to read with cartoons.” 

             Tammy B. TV Host Okanagan Today, BC Canada—5 Star Review
“This book is excellent on stress management. The author challenges the reader to pinpoint their main stress producers and develop strategies to deal with them effectively.  For instance, 

  • Take time out in order to let the soup sit. 
  • Poison in the soup or chronic stress  producers including deep-seated stressors like anger, guilt and grief.

The presentation builds up to 8 keys to success which include giving thanks for the soup or being positive and optimistic which is a choice.
The presentation is uncomplicated and the book is well worth reading. If you need a break from life this is a good work to use to recharge. The author provides practical and time-tested advice. If you are the type of person fearful of asking for help, here you can retreat to a safe place and get some practical advice on how to handle the greatest stresses in your life.”  Dr. J.S. Maresca CPA, New York, NY

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