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Silver Hills Guest House

A live-in lifestyle centre nestled in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.  The Silver Hills mission is to reach people, wherever they are, whatever their position or condition, with a message of hope and healing. 

A Unique Live-in Lifestyle Centre - The Program

 During a health session, our guests learn the Eight Natural Laws of Health that include practical information on improving health, wellness and lifestyle.

Guests may also enjoy our luxurious spa environment during their stay. Cooking classes are provided on the first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each session. 

People in different stages of life, health and fitness come to our Health and Wellness Centre to make steps towards hope and healing. 

Our program allows guests to practice what they have learned and establish a routine before they return home.  It is so rewarding, and such a joy for us to see the progress and the journey of health that our guests experience as they continue to come back year after year.

Silver Hills On-the-Road - community Seminars & classes

Cooking Classes

A team of people from Silver Hills will bring a Cooking School to your area.  Your guests will be served a complete meal along with recipes and demonstrations on how to make the food.

8 Natural Doctors - Health Lectures

A series of four health lectures sharing the Eight Natural Doctors presented by Phil Brewer.  This set of lectures can be coupled with a Cooking School on the final day.  A full meal is served and guests are given recipes with demonstrations on how to prepare the food.

Home Remedies Seminar

A four lecture Home Remedies series explaining how the body operates and 

ways to promote healing naturally.  Enjoy informative demonstrations of hydrotherapy and other techniques that increase circulation, boost immunity, and promote overall well-being. 

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Phil Brewer is the president and founder of Silver Hills

Lifestyle Makeover Coach, International Speaker, Founder and President of Silver Hills Lifestyle Centre.  Phil has a unique gift of healing that for over three decades has helped 1000s. Through hands on coaching and lifestyle health training, reinforced by ongoing research and education, he has helped evoke in thousands of people the desire to develop healthier lifestyles. 

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