Our Training Seminars

Below is a brief outline of our primary training programs which can be presented as a keynote, lunch & learn or a full 2-6 hour training event. Check out any that may be helpful to your business or organization and contact us for more info or to book an event.

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1. Stress Management and burnout recovery seminars

Cooling Down Stress is our flagship training seminar for managing stress and preventing burnout. It has been conducted across Canada, the USA and Australia. Business leaders and staff, teachers, health care providers are among the 10s of 1000s of professionals who have already benefited. Participants master 8 stress resilience secrets that everyone needs to know.   Full Info

2. resolving deep-seated stress Seminar

Deep-seated stress is a serious problem today and one of the key solutions is learning how to resolve negative emotions with the power of forgiveness.  Life is complicated and tough for everyone. Resolving deep-seated stressors like negativity, anger, hostility, resentment make life much more enjoyable. Participants learn how to forgive and heal from negative stress!   Full Info

3. Grief Recovery Seminar - Advanced Stress management

Grief is a major deep-seated stressor. This training helps begin the healing process after major loss. We experience grief after any loss not just losing a loved one to death. This seminar provides help and resources for healing from loss, caused by death, divorce, loss of job, terminal illness, etc. The developing of an intentional grieving plan is a major strength of this training.  Full Info


This is our NEWEST seminar that combines the best of a number of our health and wellness seminars. Its major focus is 10 plus 1 essential guides to a healed, happy and productive life. 

W - Wellness - an active awareness process of choices for a healthy joyful life.

E - Excellence - @home @work @play

L - Loving Relationships - with tolerance and kindness

L - Less - reducing distractions and stress

C - Choice - choosing the best; focusing on priorities  

H - Healing - optimizing physical and emotional health 

O - Optimism - choosing to be positive and thankful

I - Integrity - seeking truth; living with authenticity

C - Control - taking charge with positive choices

E - Energy - maximizing stamina and endurance 

S - Spirituality - finding meaning in life

       Full Info

5. home remedies seminar

This is a major training seminar by our associate Phil Brewer from the Silver Hills Lifestyle Centre.

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