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Resolving Deep-Seated Stress - Grief

Grief from serious loss is one of the major deep-seated stressors that everyone must deal with sooner for later. We experience grief at any loss and the more intense the loss the greater the grief. This training helps begin the healing process. We experience grief after any loss not just losing a loved one to death. This seminar provides help and resources for healing from any loss caused by death, divorce, loss of job, terminal illness, etc. 

Advanced Stress Management

Grief recovery provides solutions for a deep-seated stressor that is painful at our deepest core and there are no easy solutions. As Alan Pedersen says,  “Grief isn’t something you get over, it is something you go through.” Losses can be typical like the loss of a job or atypical like loss of an expectation. Both can bring a host of physical and emotional symptoms and reactions. This training helps individuals and families understand that all this is normal and provides resources to help.

Beyond Relaxing and on toŸ Resolving the Pain

This training provides realistic help for reorganizing life and restoring joy

after major pain. Here are solutions and practical help that will ease the pain and aid  healing from any loss including multiple losses which most people have experienced. Participants will learn and utilize a personal intentional grieving plan that has helped thousands through the healing process of grief recovery.

Recent participants said. . .

“Thank you so much, I entered this door feeling shattered, but I exit feeling 

hopeful and refreshed." 

Another said, "Thanks, I did not know how badly I needed this!”

This training takes time

Because healing from loss takes time, we offer several training options:

  1. A short introduction 2-3 hours that teaches the basics and provides some limited support. Can be included as part of a 4-6 hour stress management seminar.
  2. A weekend series of 5-6 sessions on Saturday and Sunday
  3. A week long series over 5-6 days which can be conducted over a week long conference or at a camp meeting
  4. A leadership training program complete with a training manual for grief recovery facilitators who could then provide the best grief recovery training which would be once a week for 5 to 6 weeks. Minimum 3-4 hours needed for this.

Grief Recovery Training for your community

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