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FREE 1-Hour Stress Management Coaching

Free 1-hour stress management coaching session by phone or online, for anyone who signs up for our mailing list and who does The Stress Test and has a score at or below 56. This is the point at which stress illness can begin and steps need to be taken to prevent longterm damage and burnout. Contact us and we will arrange a time to chat.

We live in a time of stress crisis

It was way back in March, 2004 when the Wellness Councils of America in their magazine Absolute Advantage, said, “Corporations are about to enter an era of stress crisis.” Life was moving fast then but now 2004 seems like a lifetime ago. Persons can burnout at any age but today it is happening younger and younger. Most of our recent burnout clients have been under age 25 and some are teenagers!

Stress is the spice of life but excessive unmanaged stress can literally kill you or at least make living much more difficult than it needs to be. Individually we must take control of our stress, we cannot leave this to anyone else. We have a number of resources that can help, check out our store. If you need some personal life coaching, contact us

Business and Employing Organizations must be proactive in ensuring their staff and members are managing both their work and personal stress. The cost of unmanaged stress and burnout in the workplace is enormous costing billions of dollars a year because of reduced productivity, absenteeism and presentism (being absent when present). We can help with a number of resources including training and coaching.

free 1-hour business Stress Management coaching

Free 1- Hour Coaching Session for decision makers of any business, employing organization or non-profit. Discover how to burnout proof your employees or membership!

Contact us and we will arrange a time to chat.

Clients are saying . . .

"I attended one of Cameron's seminars at a pro-day conference. Even though I was seeing a counselor for stress related issues I knew I needed more help. After only three or four coaching sessions I got the solutions needed. I reprogramed my life and reduced my activity with simple solutions I would never have thought of. Within weeks I had control back with work and family in balance. I highly recommend Cameron as a stress and burnout coach.  Thanks Cameron for positive solutions."  

A Young Elementary School Teacher, Kelowna, BC, Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is coaching done in person, over the phone or online?  

All three depending on location and need. Most coaching can be done by phone or online.

How long are most coaching sessions?

One hour, sometimes two hours, particularly on the first session depending on client needs.

How many coaching sessions are generally needed for stress and anxiety management?

Three to five sessions in most cases, with more serious concerns maybe seven, more that seven most likely the need is for a counselor not a coach.

How many coaching sessions are generally needed for burnout recovery?

Eight to ten sessions in most cases, over 6 to 12 months.  Most likely if more time is needed other professionals are needed, who we can help identify.

How does stress management and burnout coaching differ from counseling and which is most helpful? 

A coach will listen, help assess and then strongly suggest practical options based on a person's background and current needs. A good coach will be able to recognize when someone needs a good counselor to heal and will recommend this option. A good counselor is skilled in listening and guiding the person to find their solutions with some but limited guidance. Coaching seldom solves serious abuse or loss issues and a counselor is needed. Coaches should be able to recognize this and recommend seeing a counselor. In regard to stress management, anxiety and burnout we have found that coaching can help solve most issues unless they are more deep-seated either physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Which is better coaching or counseling with stress management and burnout? 

It depends on the need of the person. We have seen people who have spent hours with a counselor and did not get the help they needed. When this happens, most often it is because the person did not need counseling but coaching. One or two hours of good coaching and they have a solution with light at the end of the tunnel. Good coaching should be able to identify quickly if a person needs counseling and make that recommendation.

Wellness generally involves the whole person physically, emotionally and spiritually, do you target the whole person?

Yes, we seek the balanced development and healing of the whole person in all areas, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are accepting and tolerant of all belief systems recognizing that belief is one of the most powerful healing tools available to us.

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