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Our Vision is to help you choose well. 

Our Mission is to teach and encourage a life of WellChoices. Stress and burnout solutions requires focusing on a healthy life balance.

The 10 plus 1 essential guides to a healed, happy and productive life.

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WellChoices Lifestyle Training Program

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Experienced, Practical Trainers, Coaches and Healers

Our team brings decades of experience in lifestyle teaching, healing and bringing hope. Hope and Healing especially for those experiencing the negative effects of excessive stress, burnout and lifestyle illnesses.


Cameron Johnston

Stress Management and Burnout Coach, Author, International Speaker and President of WellChoices Consulting has conducted training across Canada, the USA and Australia. Cameron has both a Master of Science degree in public health and a Masters of Divinity. His unique, effective and fun training guarantees that each session will be fun, entertaining and informative.  More info


Phil Brewer

Silver Hills Lifestyle Makeover Coach, International Speaker, Founder and President of Silver Hills Lifestyle Centre.  Phil has a unique gift of healing that for over three decades has helped 1000s. Through hands on coaching and lifestyle health training, reinforced by ongoing research and education, he has helped evoke in thousands of people the desire to develop healthier lifestyles. 

 More on Phil's seminars, Silver Hills and Silver Hills On-the-Road


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